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BYU Campus October 26, 2019


BYU Wilkinson Center
Room 3223


Saturday, October 26
12-4 pm


Sharing Home Movies
Bring Your Own

Watch Others


Utah Home Movie Day 2019

Home Movie Day 2019!

Projectors Provided, You Bring the Movies

Share.  Learn.  Timetravel.

We are excited to celebrate Home Movie Day this year on October 26th!

Sponsored by BYU Library’s Special Collections

Home Movie Day is a nationwide celebration and sharing of Home Movies.  Bring yours, see others, tell us about them, learn about how to make, view, and care for these treasures!

Here are the details:

  • Where: BYU Wilkinson Student Center, Room 3223 [upstairs!]
  • When: October 26th from 12-4 pm!
  • What: We will have home movie format projectors set up with viewing screens for film gauges of 16mm, 8mm, Super 8, and Video!
  • How:
    • Free Visitor Parking Directions: Wilkinson Center Visitor Parking: From 900 E, enter campus on 1100 N. Parking is just on your right. OR Visitors parking at the Museum of Art.  Either enter campus from 1230 N. (Bulldog Blvd.) and keep going through the roundabout, or drive south along Campus Dr. in-between the Marriott Center and the Baseball Field, and turn left at the light, also continuing through the roundabout.  
    • Film Drop Off: It is safe to project film that is in good condition.  But a pre-inspection is required before viewing.  In order to view film on the day of the event, we encourage you to bring your film in during the month of October so that our experts can perform an inspection.  Special Collections is open from 8am-9pm Monday-Thursday, and 8am-6pm Fridays. We have a film drop-off form that will ensure that we get your film back to you.  You can bring your film on Saturday, but to maximize our viewing time, dropping it off early makes it go more smoothly!
  • Why: We love these old formats!  We love sharing home movies!  We love helping you know what to do with older formats!
  • Additional Information:
    • National Home Movie Day – Please visit the Center for Home Movies to find out more about Home Movie Day
    • We are only doing film this year, but please let us know if you have odd video formats that you would like help with.  We appreciate any feedback to make this event even better!
    • We still need volunteers, contact us via email to let us know if you can help!
    • If you have direct questions, you can email ben_harry@byu.edu

For Video Formats, please email and tell us what you have. We have Hi-8 right now, but we can try and add formats as requested!

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